Couch Removal & Disposal

Evenings and Weekends are NO Problem... We haul off unwanted clutter when it is convenient for you!


Trying to get rid of that old couch taking up room on your property? The experienced team at Federal Junk Removal can come and haul it away for you Fast!


Whether you have only a few items that you need removed or you have an entire garage full of junk, the pros at Federal Junk Removal can help.


If you have an old hot tub or above-ground pool taking up room on your property, the team at Federal Junk Removal can come and haul it away for you.


Disposing of your old mattress and box spring is not an easy task. You can rely on the mattress removal experts at Federal Junk Removal to discard it properly for you.


Buying a new RV is fun, but moving an old junk RV to the boneyard is a huge hassle. No matter the condition of your old motorhome, camper, or RV, we can safely haul it away.


Reclaim that used up parking space. Non running, Non floating boats, we take them all. On land or in the water Federal Junk Removal can haul that old boat away.


When the construction is over, the cleanup begins. Use our remodeling cleanup services to remove construction debris and make your project really shine!

Situations we clean up


The rule is... If you have not used it in the past 6 months, you probably dont need it and if you are paying storage fees you are throwing money away. Let us clean out your mini storage unit today!


Moving an office will almost always result in mountains of junk when you move your office the last thing that you want to deal with is getting rid of the junk. Call on to help make the entire process clutter free.


When disaster strikes, debris cleanup work is hazardous, and flood conditions make it even more so. Call our junk removal experts to keep you safe and healthy when cleaning up after natural disasters.


Home construction sites and commercial construction sites will have you falling over debris faster than you can shake a stick at. Why not call Federal Junk Removal to keep your site safe and clean.


Yes, the backyard shed is control central for a beautiful yard and often times household projects. But how will you get anything accomplished if you've gotta dig for tools. Call us to clean out the shed already!


Dreaming about turning the basement into a man cave but there's too much junk in your way? Break free of the barrier between you and your dreams. Call today and start living your clutter free dream!


Years worth of junk can accumulate in your attic making it nearly impossible to find those family heirlooms or seasonal lights. Pull out the attic junk blocking your way and call us to come and pick it up.


When tennants are evicted, the amount of filth left behind can be disgusting and overwhelming. Get new renters back in ASAP and avoid the time wasting task at hand by calling the pro's today.

Items we Haul Off

Got unwanted clutter? - We quickly dispose of just about anything you want to go away! - Take charge call now!